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There is nothing to be afraid of
CURRENTLY ON "MARCHING BAND/SCHOOL/LACK-OF-INTEREST- IN-MARVEL" SORT OF HIATUS. ENJOY MY QUEUE. ((QUEUE IS TAGGED/FILED UNDER: reek reek it rhymes with queue)) // And if you're looking for me elsewhere, you can find me at my A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones blog, my Hannibal blog, or my personal blog -- the links to which you can find above. // Bullseye, Boomerang, Electro, Daredevil, Norman Osborn, Deadpool, Daken, Shocker, Trapster. I admit shamelessly that these are my heroes. This is where they exist // //
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I am trying to protect you!

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I’m going to be on a two-week hiatus because marching band camp is taking me away from real life from 9AM to 9PM every day (and 9:01 PM to 8:59 AM will be spent in a deep sleep from extreme exhaustion)

I’m setting up a queue (under #marching-queue) for my time off so you won’t even notice I’m gone! I guess I’m only telling you guys so you feel bad for me. It hurts already…



Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers by Salvador Velázquez

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Y’all I’m so mad lmao. My huge problem with the mcu right now is how few of my favorite female characters are being represented.

Hawkeye fans love to beg for a Hawkeye movie. Ant-Man fans are complaining that a Ant-Man - a founding member of the avengers - hasn’t been included up until this point.

I just want marvel to ACKNOWLEDGE that Captain Marvel at least exists. Or Spider-Woman. Or any female who has ever been on the Avengers team. Or any female character! Have Bruce Banner name drop his cousin Jennifer. I am waiting for any type of inclusion of my favorite female characters. Any at ALL.

And what do they give me? Hope. Hope Van Dyne, or Hope Pym, whatever she’s called. Apparently I won’t even get Janet. I get hope.

I would kill for any female character from the comics to get 12 minutes of screen time like Hawkeye did. I would do something much worse and far more damning for any of my favorite females to get a whole movie like Ant-Man.

But instead my favorite females are getting erased and new ones are being (practically) made up. Why.


who is surprised -__-

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Loki & Sif

Thor: Season One

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channing tatum as gambit

"ayyyyyy petite lmao"

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